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NFT Collection

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) have radically changed the art and collectables world, allowing them to exist digitally. Mini Mutants is a unique digital collection of 10,000 mutants that you can purchase and own via an NFT.

Mini Mutants are the creation of three guys, David (48), Cameron (7) and Harrison (4). David is an experienced software developer and enjoys traditional and digital art, his primary role was the nitty-gritty code and algorithms to generate the collection. Cameron worked on ideas and pixel artwork, if you spot a mutant with a bogie, you can blame that on him. Harrison worked on critique which he is exceptional at, you will not get a more honest opinion as he speaks his mind.

A number of Mini Mutants are being distributed to celebrities and sales proceeds are for charity with autism being a cause our family is passionate about.

Makes you smile?

If you find yourself smiling when staring into the face of a Mini Mutant then we have been successful in our mission.

Each mutant is built from a number of different attributes selected at random with varying frequencies. This ranges from hairstyles, hats, shoes, eyes, noses, mouths and more.

Some Mini Mutants are rarer than others, this is either due to their features or type.

Owners will also be giving access to the Mini Mutant Club where you can get additional information offers and advance notice of special mutants.

mini mutants nft NFT collection
Charity Work
Charity Work
We have reserved multiple Mini Mutants for good causes. They are being sent to celebrity NFT owners who we are asking to hold for while and then later sell and donate the proceeds. Owners currently include Heidi Klum, Paris Hilton and Snoop Dogg. Many more will follow.
Re-sale Opportunity
Re-sale Opportunity
Anyone who purchases a Mini Mutant is entitled to sell the ownership token (NFT) to another person for a fixed price or via an online auction. The platform which we use for sales and auctions can be used by owners wishing to re-sell, it's just a few clicks to list your mutant if you decide to go your separate ways!
Unique Collection
Unique Collection
Mini Mutants are a limited collection of 10,000. Each one is unique except for one pair of twins, have fun trying to find them within the crowd. We will not generate additional mutants and once they are all sold they will only be available via re-sale.
Rarity / Frequency
Rarity / Frequency
Mini Mutants come in different shapes and colours with different features. The frequency of features varies which in turn makes some mutants less common. In addition, there are some shapes that are very limited in numbers, these are considered rare.

How to purchase

Owning a Mini Mutant via an NFT is not as complex as you think. They can be purchased on a platform called OpenSea which is very much like eBay for crypto-art. We have a getting started guide which explains everything you need to know.

In the media

Mini Mutants have been featured by the following media outlets. Unfortunately we cannot list everyone but a huge thank you to you all.

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Enjoy Mini Mutants

Browse the collection, share on social media, hunt the twins, help our charity work or own a mutant. Whatever you decide to do we hope you enjoy our fun non-fungible project.