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Guidance on buying, selling and transferring.

Buying a Mini Mutant

There are a few steps to purchasing your first NFT but don't worry, each one is very simple.

Step 1: Set up a crypto-wallet
Please use METAMASK as a Google Chrome extension as it makes the follow steps very easy. METAMASK is used by millions of people and connects to Google Chrome, search Google Chrome extensions, install and set up an account.

Step 2: Add some funds
You will need to add some Ethereum crypto-currency to your wallet. METAMASK has some options for adding Ethereum. If you have another wallet or an account with a platform such as Coinbase you can transfer funds to your METAMASK address.

Step 3: Open an account with OpenSea
We sell Mini Mutants via OpenSea which is an NFT sales platform. When you click the account button on OpenSea you have instant access as it will connect to your METAMASK wallet so this step takes just a fraction of a second!

Step 4: Buy a Mini Mutant
Choose your Mini Mutant and buy it!

Selling a Mini Mutant

You can re-list your Mini Mutant via OpenSea and sell for a fixed price to start an auction.

Transferring a Mini Mutant

You can transfer your Mini Mutant to other platforms/wallets via OpenSea.