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Mini Mutants roadmap

Mini Mutants is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs apart from one pair of identical twins, which have now been discovered as part of a community competition, they are #280 & #3859. Some are more rare than others. A guide created by the Mini Mutants on owning your first ever NFT has resulted in Mini Mutants becoming people's first step into the world of NFTs. The collection is multi-chain, with 9,500 on the Ethereum network and 500 on Polygon.

Unique approach

Most 10K pfp collections request users to mint and then reveal the NFT that they own. The mint cost could be anywhere between 0.05 ETH to 1 ETH, maybe more. Initially there is huge hype about a project, people buy in at $500 or even $2,000 and then after the reveal, people start selling and the project slumps. To highlight the issue here are some major projects' history. CryptoBatz was backed by rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, Superlative Apes started strong and then decayed.

These projects may recover but I have my doubts. NFT price history Mini Mutants' approach is different. All the NFTs in the collection are minted and revealed and owners can choose what they want to buy. This means they are happy with their choice and not disappointed which in turn results in a longer holding time. The other major difference is the entry price point, at least half the collection is free so there is no need for panic selling, which provides more stability. As the collection gains popularity hopefully the value will increase. It would be best for this to be slow and steady, a smooth increase in value.

Phase 1 : Giveaway

The most common half of the collection (5,000 NFTs) will be listed for 0 ETH. This means you only need to pay the GAS (transaction) cost to own one. To keep the community engaged some rarer ones will be dropped into the mix at 0 ETH so watch out for them! The rate of ownership is increasing well with this approach.

Phase 2 : Raise the floor

The total number of owners will be around 3,000 which can be used to promote the project as the remaining 3,800 NFTs (see below for the missing 1,200) will be listed above 0 ETH. If the rate of acquisition slows more free NFTs will be listed in batches of 500 until such time the project has enough momentum.

The project will still directly own these NFTs so the remaining NFTs will be listed in batches and will try hard not to undercut the floor defined by the community. The direct sales proceeds of the remaining NFTs will be retained by the project founders (royalties shared as defined below). However, if the collection floor price increases above $263 (and remains) this will be revised and assets will be moved to the charity and community wallets. Please appreciate that this will be very fluid but the aim is that the founders direct sales will not exceed 1 million USD during this phase.

Phase 3 : Very rares

There are 21 very rare Mini Mutants.
  • 10 Yeti
  • 10 Big foots
  • 1 Human
Their numbers are 4891, 231, 2091, 6792, 1956, 228, 4472, 229, 9264, 230, 5225, 2438, 232, 1472, 5056, 9805, 6414, 4040, 7428, 7617, 233.

One big foot (#4891) was given as a prize when the collection minted all 10,000. The human, #233, which is the rarest Mini Mutant will be transferred to the community wallet and sold, the timing of this can be discussed with the community. A yeti (#9264) and bigfoot (#9805) will be transferred to the charity wallet. The remaining very rare NFTs will be retained by the founders in addition to 981 other assets (making a total of 1,000). 200 NFTs will be reserved for charity auctions.

Milestone - SOLD OUT

At this stage the project will be sold out.

Phase 4 : Mini Mutant Pets

A new collection of 10,000 Mini Mutant pets will be launched. Each NFT in this collection will correlate to an NFT in the original collection. For example, NFT #200 in the original will have pet #200 and the traits will match. These will be minted blind and revealed. The idea is to shuffle the pets over a large group of owners to encourage secondary sales as people try to collect the pet that matches their Mini Mutant. As a community we can discuss if this collection should be on ETH or Polygon. The royalty wallet will be the same as the main collection which filters back to the founders, owners and charity.

Additional benefits to owners

IP rights
Whilst you own a Mini Mutant you own the IP rights which would allow you to make framed prints, t-shirts, other merch and anything else you can think of. You can sell any physical product you make and keep the sales revenue. The only restriction is you cannot use the image to make another NFT. If it is a derivative work you can request permission. If you decide to sell your Mini Mutant the IP rights pass to the new owner. This encourages people to hold.

Royalty split
The project is set to a 10% royalty and will be split as below:

  • 50% project founders/funding
  • 40% community wallet
  • 10% charity contribution
The royalty wallet address is 0x5E2FffdBDD6Cf206df887a6B2c2713940Fa88611
The project wallet address is 0x42bE6682a47B6AF07cba4ad09172703418A6fc31
The community wallet address is 0xf784F91d85B2c14894f0e2656199B279346379C3
The charity wallet address is 0x9Af0c2aD9C7C2cD673b3386f7F0DAf850CFb7D98

Periodically the royalty wallet will be emptied and funds moved to the 3 other wallets. This way everything is segregated and completely transparent. These wallets were created on the 17th of May 2022.

Project funding
This is funds for the founders and will also be used for development and project costs.

Community wallet
The funds and NFT assets in the community wallet will be shared with owners via various methods.

  • Prize draws
  • Floor sweeps
  • Purchase of blue chip NFTs
  • Any other ideas
The community will be consulted and can vote on how the funds will be used. These are the communities funds so you have full autonomy on how they are used.

Charity sales
200 NFTs are to be set aside for charity. These will be transferred to the charity wallet during phase 2. It may cost several thousand dollars to transfer the NFTs based on GAS transaction charges. When they are listed this ensures all sales proceeds are accounted for. The project will donate to autism based charities all over the world. The community is encouraged to identify benefactors. The sale of these will be held back until the floor price makes a good return for charity.

Longer term goals

Mini Mutants have been designed to be child friendly, many NFT collection promote drug usage, weapons or death. This could allow some of the following to be possible.
  • Children's clothing brand
  • Stationary (pens/pencils)
  • Computer games
  • Collectable toys
  • TV cartoon show
  • Educational e-learning

Sub projects

There is currently one sub-project which is the Mini Mutants Jigsaw. This is a 72 piece NFT collection on Polygon. The aim is to collect all 72 pieces to complete the jigsaw. There are 150 of each piece. This project has its own standalone utility.

There will be a Mini Mutants VIP collection. This will comprise of 100 NFTs that have never seen before traits and colours. Ownership will be free and by invitation only.

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